Workers’ Compensation

The Law Offices of Charles W. O’Donnell, P.C. takes pride in protecting the rights of seriously injured Virginia workers. We have a statewide Virginia legal practice serving injured workers, and the entire team of our office will be your voice during this difficult time.

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act may provide very important benefits to qualified employees hurt in the course of their employment. Injured Workers’ should consult with an attorney who is focused on protecting their rights and getting awarded benefits that are justified by Virginia law. Proper organization and involvement early on in a claim make the process of getting medical bills timely paid that much easier, which is why the initial consultation on a claim is free.

CALL US EVEN IF YOUR CASE IS DENIED! The mere fact that your claim may have been denied by Insurance Company’s Adjuster does not mean that you are not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Insurance companies are not the final decision-makers regarding your right to workers compensation. The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission and the Appellate Courts of Virginia decide whether an injured worker in a disputed case is entitled to Virginia Workers Compensation. Request a free consult with our office to discuss all the facts and circumstances of your industrial accident, so that you can make a more informed decision about how to proceed with your workers’ compensation claim.