BEST Attorney ever.
The accident that I had was horrible and it changes my life completely. I was here in Virginia alone with no family members. When Mr. O’Donnell and his staff member came to see me in the hospital I was able to see how they work and that they care about their clients. With his help and his staff I did not feel alone anymore. They fought for me and did everything they could to get me the treatment I needed and to be able to walk out of this accident with something to start a new life. I though my life was over when I had my accident but Mr. O’Donnell and his staff should me that It was not and that there was many things I can do after the accident. He saved my life. He is a very honest and caring attorney that will do all in his power to makes things right and to fight for his client’s rights. He did an amazing job for me and I am grateful that found him. I appreciate all the hard work he did for me.